Friday, October 11, 2013

Up or Down?

Why should men take responsibility for ensuring that the toilet seat is correctly positioned at all times?  There is also a secondary consideration here.  How do we know that the next person to use the toilet will not require the seat to be in the Up position?  There is no guarantee that after a man has used the bathroom, the next person to use it will be female.

This question has been a source of confusion for me for a long time.  I have difficulty understanding why some women believe they have a divine right to have the toilet seat adjusted for them.  If men are held responsible for leaving the seat down after use, why should women not take responsibility for leaving it up after they use it?  Some women I have asked this question of, have given me some, not very convincing, argument about having to touch the toilet seat; this does not convince me.  Do men not have to touch it to lift it?  And then touch it a second time to put it back down?      

On the occasions that I have used the bathroom in an all male household, I have made an effort to remember to leave the toilet seat raised after me.  This seems only fair, even though there are times when men do require the seat to be down for use.  Maybe the same could be expected of a man using the bathroom in an all female household.  But, in a household of mixed genders, it is my opinion that we each adjust the seat to suit ourselves. My only strong preference is that men always lift the seat before use, and that everyone puts the seat, and the lid down before flushing.  On this subject, I also sincerely hope everyone does flush after use. Perhaps we should all leave it as we find it.

Personally, I am just happy that my men do remember to lift the seat before they use it.  I am perfectly capable of putting it down for myself. Plus, I know that I wash my hands thoroughly after using the toilet, I am not so sure about anyone else.

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