Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some storage tips

I get frustrated with myself because I can't seem to keep my sewing stuff organized.

I have wonderful racks mounted on the wall for all my threads, I have a set of plastic drawers for storing prewound bobbins, manuals and other items not frequently used, tools for my sewing machine etc;

I have a basket for large spools of thread, scissors and stabilizer, but there are many other items, such as fabric paint, paint brushes, labels, empty bobbins ( one day I will take the time to rewind them ) and extra threads.

I had been saving plastic containers with screw tops for some time for my husband, he uses them to organize his workshop and it occurred to me I could use some for my sewing area.

So, following his lead, I used Goo Gone to help me to remove the labels from the containers, apply liberally and let sit to soak in, then carefully scrape the labels off with a paint scraper. They will come right off. Wash the outside well with warm water and soap, then dry thoroughly. I used a container for mixed nuts, a container that once held jalapeƱos, and a laundry detergent container, those little cushions of laundry detergent that are so convenient.

Next use either clip art of your choice, or take photos of your sewing items, or even the items you plan to store in the container, print these out on sticky labels and stick them to the containers.

Not only is it a fun project, but it really does tidy up the area and give plenty of extra storage.

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