Sunday, March 15, 2015

Please! It is Paddy's Day!

Or, St Paddy's Day, or St Patrick's Day .. or just Patrick's day.  But never, ever Patty's day.

I am normally a very mild mannered person. There are only a few things that will spur me into an argument. Obviously, if anyone hurts one of my children in any way, shape or form, I will assume the perfectly normal protective mother lion pose. But I am not talking about that here.

I mean those debates people appear to enjoy, political, religious or otherwise, I don't get involved. It isn't that I don't have an opinion, or that I don't care; I do, and I do. But I do not care to debate, argue, bicker or discuss. However, when I hear someone say Patty's Day I can't keep my mouth shut. I respond as to whistling. I hate whistling! (read my blog entry here).

This time of year, I hear it a lot and I have not been able to prevent myself from explaining to the offenders - St Patrick was a man - what man in his right mind would admit to being call Patty, even if he was?

This blog explains it better than I ever could, so in future I will just refer everyone here - and I will be doing them a favor because it is a blog well worth reading.


  1. Thanks, Aideen. Maybe we can help curb the scourge a little!