Saturday, November 23, 2013


I started doing hand embroidery about a year ago, mainly to give me something to do while sitting in front of the TV, so I wouldn't fall asleep from boredom.  I never did like television much.  I do like watching movies sometimes, but my taste is action thriller or good ol' John Wayne cowboy movies, not a taste shared by everyone.

I started out with t-shirts, being of a practical nature, the finished product was something useful., here are the shirts I have done so far.  You will notice a strong Western theme, part of the reason I came to Texas is my love of Western folklore - see all about that here.

As I mentioned in my Introduction (see tab above) I was toying with the idea of buying myself an embroidery sewing machine.  Well, I did it.  It has been sitting on a table in our office (actually our bonus room but we use it as an office) patiently waiting for me to get acquainted with it.

Unfortunately, no sooner was it delivered than we got very busy at work, and three weekends in a row I had to work.  I am hoping that over the holidays I can make time to play with it and see how it (and I) performs.  It is by no means an expensive, bells and whistles, machine.  If I like it, maybe I will work my way up to one of those.

As I educate myself on how to use the machine, and hopefully produce some more t-shirts worth displaying, I will detail my progress here.

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