Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Bucket List

I thought it was time to create a bucket list so I started googling for ideas. I found lots of them, and almost all were either things I had already done, or would never care to do, so I abandoned google and looked inside myself.  Then I thought, make a list of everything that would have been on my bucket list, had I made it 30 years ago.

It was an interesting exercise because I realize that I have done and seen almost everything I could have hoped to. So this exercise could be called counting my blessings.

Here is my bucket list not in any particular order other than I have listed those yet to achieve first and highlighted in green those I have done.

Retire while I still have the energy to enjoy it
Attend a live baseball game
Visit Alaska
Visit the Sphinx of Giza
Visit the Dead Sea
Win the lottery
Meet Willie Nelson
Learn to dance country western
Dance country western with a real cowboy.
Visit the Alamo
Meet my soul mate
See the Northern Lights
Visit Hawaii 
Visit the Grand Canyon
Go to Disney World
Visit the Painted Desert
Visit the Petrified Forest
Visit Monument Valley
Visit The Colosseum in Rome
See The Trevi Fountain in Rome
Climb The Spanish Steps in Rome
Visit India
Tour Paris on the back of a motorcycle
Visit Edith Piaf's grave
View Paris from the Eiffel Tower
Visit The Louvre in Paris
Visit Notre Dame in Paris
Visit The Tower of London
See Big Ben London
Visit Buckingham Palace London
See Westminster Abbey London
See Tower Bridge London
Visit Las Vegas
Visit The Greek Islands
Visit Yosemite
Visit the Space Center in Houston
See the biggest Redwood tree in California
See the Golden Gate Bridge
See Niagra Falls
Attend Willie Nelson's 4th July Picnic
Publish a book

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