Thursday, March 6, 2014


.. I think it is progress.

My good husband suggested I use MS Publisher to do some simple designs, and with a little coaching from him as I had never used Publisher before, I started to figure it out.

Here are my first two, from scratch embroidery designs.  Needless to say, they are not perfect, and for that reason I am still using the unpopular sheet, which has now paid for itself in sample embroidery patterns.

I have always been obsessed with stars and star shapes, so naturally that was my first choice. This one was the first and I can see what needs correcting, the good thing is that I have already figured out how to correct it.

Here is number two, again, the same issues that need to be corrected, and again, I know how to correct them, well, they are the same issues, so one solution fits all.

I am finally beginning to believe that I will actually get somewhere with this design software and the embroidery machine. And I am really enjoying the journey.

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