Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time for some embroidery

Foot surgery on Friday means a nice quite weekend. My foot needs to be elevated most of the time, and I so I need to be seated for the weekend. Also means sometime next week I will be blogging about my surgery. I am waiting for the dressing to come off so I can get a photo of the work done.

But doctors instructions were to be kind to my foot, that means guilt free embroidery indulgence.

I recently bought a few really nice embroidery patterns.  While I am still learning to use my software and create my own patterns, one of the ways to do this, is to buy some good patterns and study how they were created. I also bought an online class in machine embroidery which has proved very good indeed, got that here.

So, as always, I used my trusty old sheet to create samples first. I really love these spirit animals, which Larry found for me on emblibrary here. There is a set of eight.

Below is the bison, a cactus which I also bought, and a bear.

I decided to use the bison, in the colors show, along with an eagle and a lizard, on a purple shirt. I thought the purple against purple with the pink highlight might look good. And it does - in good lighting, if the lighting is not good then all that you can see is the pink and it looks unfinished.

So, my second attempt was a bear, a butterfly and a wolf, in the same gold shown in the sample, on a black

try to ignore the fact that the hoop marks are still visible, a wash will dispose of them, also, in this photo the spirit animals don't look gold, but believe me it is the same thread as the sample bear above.

Finally I decided to try my hand at embroidering my signature, instead of using my custom labels.  Didn't really work as well as I would like, but I will keep playing with that one.

as you can see, the custom label is a lot clearer:

Finally, here are a couple more samples, the shooting star I created in MS publisher then converted to an embroidery format with my PE Design software, the second was a picture of a flowering cactus that I converted in PE Design. I am fairly pleased with both, though they do need some work.

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