Thursday, June 12, 2014

13 Years ago

... on June 13th 2001 I met my husband.

You will find some more information about that in my book, We met online, on Given our differing backgrounds I doubt we would ever have crossed paths in any other way. And even then, we almost missed each other.

I had been attempting to meet my soul mate online for more than two years and had given up on ever meeting someone who could present themselves honestly. All of the people I had met up to then had posted profiles they considered would attract, and photographs that were anything up to 20 years old.

After two years of meeting up with some complete nut cases, I logged in to delete my account and call it a day (well, call it two years actually). I will never call any time wasted, just so long as I get the lesson, it is time well spent.

Something, wishful thinking perhaps, or the luck that followed me ever since I decided to take a chance on the Green Card Lottery (also in my book) whatever it was, I decided to do one more scan of the latest profiles. I found my now husband's profile. So new I think he had just finished typing and hit submit as I read it. Statistics showed me that he had not yet sent nor received any hits, so I fired off a contact email to him and signed off. Later that night I checked and found a response. We messaged for a short while, then he sent me his phone number and, contrary to all my rules, I called him and we talked for hours on the phone.

I have to tell you that is quite amazing as I absolutely hate speaking on the telephone. The next day we met and the rest is history. We married 4 months after we met.

13 years later, we are still together, happier than ever.

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