Friday, March 4, 2016

Inkkas - more than just unusual footwear

I absolutely love these shoes. I have bought three pairs for myself, one of these I gave to my daughter, a pair for my 16 year old grandson who is a fashion leader in his circle, and one pair for my daughter's mother in law.

However, these are not just beautiful and very comfortable footwear. Inkkas have a mission that I totally support.

If you go to this link you can read all about it, here is an excerpt:

Read about Trees For The Future here.

My grandson in the center - great shoes!

I am fanatical about recycling, I own a hybrid car and I am very conscious of the damage we are doing to this planet. I worry about my grandchildren and what they will be left to deal with due to the greed and stupidity of previous generations, including my own. Therefore I will do my best to support business that also care for the planet.

On the left, my grandson wearing his Inkkas. Below my three pairs. I may have mentioned before that I am also very fond of socks, so they too are on display below. You can read my blog about socks here. And, in case you are interested, I now buy my socks from and finally found socks that not only fit, but there is a massive amount of really cool socks to choose from.

So, if you want to buy Inkkas (and if you don't, why on earth not?)  Go here.

If you want to buy cool socks, Go here.

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