Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why do socks never fit?

I have a thing about socks. I really like to have lots of interesting and zany pairs of socks. I like my socks to match my outfit not just be neutral. Most of all, I like them to fit. You would think that wouldn't be so difficult, but I have the hardest time finding socks that the heel doesn't end up half way up my calf. I do have small feet, I wear a woman's size 6 shoe (US size) that is 4 UK size and European size 36 - that will vary slightly depending on the brand of course, as nothing is standard. So, according to all conversion charts and most sock sizes, that dictates I wear a ladies size 9-11 sock.  To fit size ladies shoes (US) 6 to 9. No doubt the unfortunate ladies with feet smaller than mine, and I know of a few, also shop in the girls department.

ladies' socks, they are too big

Whoever came up with that idea? In order to fit size 6 to 9, the sock has got to be big enough to fit a size 9. Have you ever seen a size 9 and a size 6 shoe side by side? A sock to fit someone who wears a size 9 shoe is WAY too big for a size 6 foot - I know because I am sick of wearing socks that are way to big, it is extremely uncomfortable.

girls' socks, they fit
So I am in the habit of buying my socks in the girls department. The largest size kids sock is (depending on the brand) 11 - 2, to fit shoe size 3 to 6 (US) and they normally fit me perfectly though I have actually bought girls socks that turn out to be slightly large also, but never so big that they are uncomfortable - and usually the cheaper the sock, the worse the fit, so it makes sense to buy good brands.

Ladies' no show too big
Girls' no show, too small

low cut - just right!

I don't like 'no show' because girls' no show' socks are too short from heel to ankle, and ladies are way too big, however I did find a pair of low cut socks that fit perfectly, unfortunately I have not been able to find another pair the same since.

I did venture into the more interesting 'toe' sock after I had surgery for a bunion and hammer toe. I thought the separation of toes would be good for my feet and the socks would have to be made to specific foot size and not range of sizes, and I still believe that. Unfortunately my feet are definitely not what sock manufacturers consider normal.

foot with odd toes

If you look at the photos you will see in the one of my bare foot, at first glance they look normal, but a second look shows that my little toe is not only very short, it is set lower than the rest of the toes and in fact, the fourth toe is also shorter and lower set than the other three, as indicated in the photo where I am wearing the toed sock, there is no way I can get that little toe into the allotted toe piece, and the fourth toe is only just in there, with a little space above.

toe sock just doesn't fit my odd toes, fits the rest of my foot

Considering that shoes are made to fit a specific size and not a range, and shoes are more expensive, surely socks can also be fitted better? I can't imagine having to wear a shoe that fits from shoe size 6 to 9!

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