Friday, June 24, 2016

Being happy in your own skin

Why on earth do people spend crazy amounts of money trying to turn back time? For one thing, anyone with any intelligence knows that it is not possible, secondly I have yet to see facial surgery make anyone look better, in every case that I am aware of they look, at best weird, and usually flat ugly, certainly unnatural - which to my mind is the same as ugly. That is, with the one exception - surgery to correct a birth defect such as a hair lip or an injury. I am talking about people who have face lifts because they are aging; or they don't like the shape of their noses; or they want Angelina lips. And once you do it, you can't revert the damage.

What started this rant? I met a friend recently who I hadn't seen in a long time, and was horrified at how awful she looked. It was like she had one of those face masks on - you know? the gel that is transparent as it dries and pulls your skin tight. Seriously, her face look plastic, and there was no definition around her eyes which were now round instead of almond shaped. One of the attributes I consider to be really beautiful is deep set eyes, eyes with a 'cavern' background. Like Cameron Diaz for instance. This person had deep set eyes before the knife got to her. What she looked like was Ms Potato Head, seriously, unnaturally smooth face with no character, two round holes from which eyes protruded, a nose and a mouth - no definition, no indication that she had lived or ever laughed. She used to be really pretty.

Aging gracefully is beautiful, dignified and natural. Resisting is futile and almost always results in a plastic ugly appearance which cannot be corrected and screams vanity (hence the term plastic surgery? OK I know it comes from the Greek plastikos - to mold). Spending that much money on vanity in this day and age is ludicrous - see Dr Nash's very wise blog here on the subject of saving money. One day that face will still age, but it is doubtful if it will age gracefully once the knife has done its damage, and then, unless you happen to be extremely wealthy, not only will you not be able to afford further damaging surgery, but you may seriously regret that you don't have the cash you foolishly forked out on the previous rounds of facial damage. Those that can afford it tend to continue to do more, and more damage to their faces. Like Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton.

And as for Botox. I don't know what to say - this description says it all - and people pay to have this stuff injected into their face! Small wonder they end up with fixed expressionless features:

There are dozens of celebrities who have ravaged their appearance in an attempt to turn back the clock - mentioned before, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. To my mind they were both incredibly good looking people. Their faces were not only good to look at, but they had character and personality. Not any more. Now they are flat ugly. Everyone knows they are aging, so they are fooling no one, but there is nothing left of the beauty which always remains in a face that is not ravaged by the knife, no personality shines through the plastic. I often wonder what they see when they look in the mirror. I know I would be absolutely horrified if I went through unnecessary surgery, at huge expense, and then saw a face like that in the mirror!

These celebrities definitely destroyed their looks and no doubt will continue to do so. Kenny Rogers was a good looking man, now he is almost scary. Dolly Parton was very pretty, now she looks like plastic and this photo doesn't show the extent of her surgery, she went on to have a lot more and she now looks quite deformed.

no words for Jocelyn Wildenstein

Michael Jackson - probably the most famous for appalling plastic surgery results. No picture needed for that but here is one anyway.

I have always loved Sophia Loren, and this quote from Goodreads resonates with me.

These celebrities did not destroy their looks in a wasted attempt at turning back time, and to my mind they are so much better looking that those who did. I am not saying they did not have work done to their faces, just that if they did, it was very little and does not show. The general belief of the media - those who will put you down in an instant, is that they did not. I think each and every one of them are very good to look at - and I do believe they are better looking now than they were when they were younger. I will definitely not be wasting my hard earned money on destroying my face. I will age as gracefully as I am capable of and accept the natural course. (See this blog).

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