Saturday, January 25, 2014

Momma's table

Momma's table sits out in the garage where it has been since we moved into this house, we being me, my husband and his mother, Momma being my mother in law's mother - there is an amazing woman.

The table is an old, oval, wicker table painted white. Naturally, as it belonged to Momma, it is very old and while still in very good condition, it is showing some signs of age.

Due mainly to the fact that it is wicker (Larry does not like wicker), and partly to the fact that the house is already very full of furniture from the merging of two homes, Larry wanted to donate it to Goodwill. Absolutely NOT.  Momma's table would stay.

Unfortunately, it has stayed in the garage.

Now, you may wonder what is happening with my embroidery these days. Yes, it has been some time since I paid it any attention. Partly the holiday season took up all my time, but today I was going to get back to the battle with my sewing machine. If you remember, I had decided that I would give up working with t-shirt fabric and go for something a little more forgiving. I now have some simple cotton fabric to start working on. My intention is, once I establish how to actually get the machine to cooperate with me on some simple fabric and pattern, maybe I can progress to more difficult stuff.

So, this afternoon I turned to my sewing table, ok, it was once a friends kitchen table. I bought it when I moved into my first apartment and had just a small mattress and nothing else. Eventually I acquired furniture and when I moved into my first house, the table became my printer/all purpose table.  Now it is generally used for our postal scales and any computer Larry happens to be working on, until I got the sewing machine and decided that would be a good location for it. And it was a good location.

A couple of weeks ago Larry bought a new computer, naturally it was set up on 'the table' while he worked on it - as most people know, there is a lot to be done to a computer before it is ready to use. Apply about 50 patches to the Operating System, clean off a bunch of unnecessary stuff, install required software and drivers. Point of the story is, when I turned to the table to start working on my sewing machine, it became clear to me that I needed to find a better, more permanent location.

So, the first thing I thought of was Momma's table!  I have had my eye on it for a while, and this was the perfect use for it. I thought I would just need to wipe it clean and get it up the stairs, I know I can find a corner for it somewhere. Down I went to the garage and there it was - already in use! I don't think Momma would approve of this.  Luckily I have a small set of metal shelves that will easily replace Momma's table, and be much better suited to the garage.

Tomorrow I will enroll Larry's assistance and we will swap out the shelves for the wicker table.  I will find a corner upstairs for it, clean it off and I will be ready to get back to the battle of the embroidery machine.

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