Monday, January 20, 2014

My first royalty payment

I got my very first royalty payment today for my book.  Only because I don't expect anyone to buy it (yes, I need to change that attitude before the next book is published) I am so excited.

Considering my niece Nicola, and my nephew Jamie were both very active in pushing this book to publication (Nic) and touting it on FB (Jamie) it is fitting that my first royalty payment is in GBP .. except the P doesn't stand for POUND(s) .. it stands for PENCE.  Yes, the grand total of 26 GBPence.  Nonetheless, it is a very historic occasion for me.  I do have some EURO and some DOLLAR royalities outstanding for payment, but this is the first!

Payment made to:
Payment date:
Payment currency:
Payment amount:

26 whole pennies.  And, bear in mind, with the current rate of exchange that does come close to 50 cents US.

I guess I will have to start marketing this book soon, or maybe just get on with writing another one?

 It is on Come and get it here:.

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