Sunday, February 9, 2014

I finally did it!

So, today was the day I went from an 'A' to a real embroidery pattern. Back to the cactus / cowboy hat I started with. I feel it is important to conquer that one before going any further.

I printed out the suggested color schemes, selected my colors (I did pick a light brown for the highlight on the hat, as I didn't like the suggested red) and prepared another piece of the rejected sheet, applied the stabilizer backing and fitted it to the hoop, I have become quite skilled at all of those steps, not surprisingly as I have repeated them so many times now. I loaded the pattern onto my card and inserted the card in the correct slot on the machine, turned on the machine and got ready to go.

I was amazed to see the machine take off like a thing possessed, and actually work! Not that I blame it for not working before, I take full responsibility for that.

It worked its way through the cactus, stopped and politely prompted me for another color, I obliged and pressed the start button and off it went again. We repeated this process 9 times, I feel that I have now become quite skilled at treading the machine too. As the saying goes, practice does make perfect, or at least better than before.
I cannot tell you how happy I am with the finished product, I know it has taken me weeks to get here, and I could not have done it without the help of Google and a whole lot of patience that only comes with age. But now I have to return to GO without collecting $200 as my next adventure in the land of embroidery machines will be 'The Return of the T-Shirt'. Luckily I have a large number of t-shirts that I bought wholesale, and there are more where they came from.  
I think I will repeat the cactus/hat trick on a t-shirt before expanding my adventures into the land of embroidery design software. Perhaps I will change the colors further for the next experiment.

Below is a short video showing the possessed machine at work.

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