Monday, May 26, 2014

Being a morning person

...definitely has its advantages, I suppose I can say that because I am one, and I truly love the early morning when the house is quiet - everything is quiet. I have time to think, write and do whatever I want to.. except make noise. Now, I am not a noisy person by nature, but it is amazing how loud simple tasks sound at 4 a.m. in the morning.

I can do laundry because Larry sound proofed the laundry room down stairs, and my mother in law's bedroom (also downstairs) not because she makes noise I hasten to add - but because we don't want to disturb her with the sounds from the muffled laundry room.  We used these 'as seen on TV' things and they really do work.

Apart from washing and drying the clothes, I can also iron them without disturbing anyone. I can and do make phone calls to my family in Europe, they are 6 / 7 hours ahead of us, so 4 in the morning is 10 a.m. in Ireland and 11 a.m. in France, of course I do shut myself into the bedroom furthest from where my husband is sleeping and I keep my raucous laughter to a minimum - if you want to know about how much I cackle ask my daughter's ex-in-laws - they strongly disapprove of any form of levity, and they strongly disapprove of me period. I suppose I need to add here that I don't laugh raucously, nor cackle wildly when I am ironing, but I do when I am on the phone with family.

So, I avoid the more noisy activities, such as cleaning out my desk, strangely noisy at that hour, but unnoticeable during the day. And I don't use my embroidery machine - however I can work on my designs as the software makes no noise (at least I am fairly sure it is silent, but as I keep the speaker on my computer muted I can't swear to that).

I can also workout in those early hours - at least I will be able to once again as soon as my foot heals from the last surgery. We have the workout room soundproofed too and I have a TV in there which apparently doesn't disturb the household when the door is closed.

I am very fortunate that I work for a company where I can pretty much choose my own hours, and because we have a business that is 24 / 7, it is actually beneficial to the company that I choose to start at 4.30 in the morning. This has the extra benefit of allowing me to leave early also.

The disadvantage is that I am frequently asleep before the sun goes down. In the summer I do miss many sunsets, but I never miss a sunrise.

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