Sunday, May 18, 2014

More about embroidery

I haven't mentioned my continuing learning curve in the field of machine embroidery for some time. That does not mean I have not been climbing up and sliding back down. I spend much of my weekends working on my designs and while the majority of the time is spent either in the software creating designs, and most of the rest of the time in sewing out samples of each design, I have also managed to embroider a few t-shirts and three denim shirts.

Mildred wearing her denim shirt
Two of the denim shirts I gave to my mother in law, and didn't photograph them before, however I do have a couple of photos of her wearing one of them. I also gave her one t-shirt which I didn't get a photo of either. And one shirt I sent to my daughter before thinking of taking a photo.

I have many more designs waiting to be applied to t-shirts. Below are some of those I have completed.

closeup of the front, deep in the heart of texas and bluebonnets
close up of the back, cowboy boots and a cowgirl on a horse

This design I purchased and it was my first successful t-shirt

I created both of these designs

another of my own creations

This is the most complicated to sew, it is two of my own designs
as my hoop is only 4 x4 I had to sew each design separately.

notice a theme? I love motorbikes.

I purchased these designs

also purchased, part of a pack of eight 'Spirit Animals'

This unicorn I designed myself

and this one I also purchased.

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