Thursday, May 15, 2014

And the pins come out

Eight weeks seems like a very long time, when you are in the third trimester of a pregnancy or, as in this instance, you have pins in your toes following hammer toe surgery. At last the eight weeks are up, actually not until Friday, but the pins came out today, Wednesday.

I now have quite a collection of hardware from my right foot. The pin from the first hammer toe and the screw from the bunionectomy, both last year, and now two more pins from this years hammer toes.

My surgeon did warn me of the three possible complications to watch for during those 8 weeks, worst would be if the pins decided to work their way out, next the possibility of infection as with any surgery, and least serious the pins might decided to snuggle into my foot (not his exact words but that is what he meant).

the pin on the right went in
I guess I was fortunate that only one toe chose to be complicated and that was the least serious, five and half weeks after surgery the pin decided to get further embedded. I immediately made an appointment (it was somewhat painful) and he eased it out again.That was a waste of time, within two days it was back in as far as it could manage with the cap up against the tip of my toe. Well, I didn't have the time nor the inclination to go back every two days to have it pulled out a bit, and as it was only two more weeks to removal I put up with it.

The night before they came out

Finally removal time! To be able to wear a pair of shoes again so that I could walk evenly, to be able to shower without one leg encased in plastic! what a pleasure that will be.

the morning after they came out

Last time I meant to take a video of the removal, but I had my camera on the wrong setting, so all I got was a still (which you can see here). This time I got a video of both pins coming out. I didn't want to post the video here and gross anyone out, but I posted it on YouTube and you can watch it here. I promise you there is no blood, and it still amazes me that it is absolutely totally painless to have them pulled, no pain killers, no local anaesthetic of any sort required.

Next I have got to get a pedicure!

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