Friday, September 3, 2021


I used to believe that I jinxed any electrical circuit I came even close to. When my kids were growing up I must have gone through at least six washing machines, three refrigerators, one clothes dryer (would probably have been more but I wasn't allowed to use it), countless electric kettles and coffee pots. Then, mysteriously my negative impact on these items stopped. It didn't take too much effort to figure out what had changed. 

All those items that broke - some to be repaired multiple times before finally hitting the scrap heap; some not worth repairing - all were purchased by my then husband, first husband, ex-husband - whatever you want to call him. He always bought the cheapest of the cheap. He never copped on that he actually ended up spending more money in the long run, and besides that, he never actually used them himself. Six cheap washing machines still cost more than one really good one. Even worse was the long wait between one machine dying and the next being purchased; washing by hand for a family of two adults and three toddlers was no fun.

My appliances started to have an extended life because I was doing the purchasing and I was prepared to spend a little more money to get something that not only performed well, but did so over a prolonged period of time.

Imagine my dismay when, within two days of each other, both my embroidery machine and my treadmill started to show signs of deterioration. The embroidery machine was not cheap, but it was also 4 years old and had been well used, so a service was probably all it needed and we dropped it into a sewing shop for that. Unfortunately their wait time is 8 weeks! so I am going to have to find something else to keep me occupied during the afternoons. 

The treadmill was another matter altogether. Before I met my second, current, last husband (whatever you want to call him) I used to have a bedroom set aside as an exercise room, with a weights machine, treadmill, free weights etc. When I met my husband I got rid of that equipment to make a room for my stepson, definitely a higher priority. The company where I worked at that time, had a workout room which I started using early in the morning. That was actually when I started getting up really early; so that I could workout and shower before work. Eventually, my stepson grew up and moved out and we moved. This time, into a larger house in order to accommodate my mother in law who moved in with us. I changed jobs and didn't have the luxury of a workout room at my new office, but we once again, had the space for one at home. 

When we moved out to the lake we downsized considerably. From a six bedroom house to a 3 bedroom house, and couldn't take the workout equipment - again, no space for a workout room. All I really wanted was a treadmill so my husband found a small, foldable one online and it fit in a corner in one of the spare bedrooms, and folded up to fit in the closet. That worked well for a full year. Until this week. I suppose I should have noticed sooner, when the soles of my running shoes started to come apart. They were very old so I didn't associate that with a problem with my treadmill and I had another pair. However, when it suddenly shut off three quarters of the way through my workout, I did sense something was wrong. I reset the machine and it started up again and I was able to complete my workout. I did a clean up and oiling of the treadmill, hoping that was all it needed. Next day, same thing. This time I could get a smell sort of like hot plastic I put a hand on the belt and sure enough, it was scorching hot, it had literally melted the soles off my running shoes. 

We do have a community workout facility where we are living, however it is over a mile away from our house, and in our downsizing I also gave up my car. Of course, a mile is not far to walk, but I won't do it at 4.30 in the morning, plus I am not really sure if the exercise facility is open at that hour. And yes, I have got to workout at that hour, if I don't do it as soon as I wake up I won't workout out at all. So after some 'discussion', I ordered a new treadmill, slightly more expensive and hopefully more reliable, although just a little bit bigger, but I am also hopeful that it will fit and be easily moved into place.  The important thing is that with prime delivery, I won't have to walk outside in the dark or miss a workout.

At least I will still be able to workout and write, and occasionally go out fishing. I just have to be patient and wait for my embroidery machine to be serviced and hopefully back in working condition in a couple of months. It was worth repairing,  the treadmill was not - it would have cost more than it was worth to get it repaired and I would probably have had to wait as long.

My biggest worry was bad things happen in threes - so I was on tenterhooks waiting to see what else would stop working. In anticipation of my computer deciding to be the third hit, I copied my manuscript to a USB key so I could move to my laptop if necessary. 

Then I remembered that two weeks ago I had to replace my electric kettle. The one my husband bought when we moved here was glass, so I could see the silver metal plate at the bottom slowly going from brown to black, as long as it continued to boil the water I was prepared to wait, but when the water started to get cloudy I stopped waiting and replaced it. 

Technically that counted as the first of three - right? I hope so! The moral of this story is that cheapest is not always the best and not necessarily a economy!

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