Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I admit it, I love being retired

And why wouldn't I? Why did it take me 16 weeks to come to this decision? Well, I was worried. Partly because I had not planned to retire quite so soon, I had expected another two years at work before that happened. I had also expected that my eventual retirement would not be me 'taking my ball and going home'. I had imagined it would be a farewell party of some proportion - that is not to say I didn't enjoy the wonderful sendoff I got from my own team and it was during a pandemic. (Read about it here). 

I think now the only thing that still stings a little is the fact that I was denied an exit interview. I loved my job, even though it was very stressful and I did work long hours. I loved the team I was working with, we all worked together (what a team does, or should do) and we had each other's backs. But retirement is good!

I have a bunch of hobbies and certainly I am never bored however, a few weeks ago my embroidery machine had a nervous breakdown and we had to bring it into the shop for a service. 'The shop' is Northwest Sewing Center, and that is located almost downtown; 35 miles away!.  We drove down there on a Thursday morning, dropped the machine off and came home. Two hours gone just like that. About the only downside to living by the lake. Small price to pay.

Two weeks later, back again to pick up the machine, another Thursday morning, another two hours. I was excited to get it back. I had missed it! When I started my next embroidery project I was pleased to hear how smooth it sounded. Then horror! It once again started stamping a hole in the fabric instead of continuing on its designed path. Now it was the weekend, so first thing Monday morning, back down we went. Well, actually not first thing as they don't open until 10 a.m. But by 9.30 we were out of the house. 

This time we stayed and the entire staff were extremely helpful. All that is, except the elderly grumpy man who ran the maintenance section. I am sure he was offended by my claim that the machine was still not fixed. I did try to be as non accusatory as possible. But he was not going to be friendly. Of course while old, he was also not retired.  Someone worked on the machine while we waited. While chatting to the rest of the staff I was introduced to some, much more suitable, stabilizer for my t-shirt projects and learned about their virtual embroidery classes. 

It was 12.30 by the time we got home - on a Monday lunchtime. That was three weekday mornings pretty much used up by my embroidery machine. I could not have done that had I still been working. Had I been working, I would have had to wait for the weekend each time.

I think I mentioned before, one of the side effects of being old that I enjoy, is the invisibility factor; seriously, people (those who are not old) don't actually see old people, we become invisible and there is a huge bonus that accompanies that new power. 

I stopped wearing makeup when I started working from home and wearing a mask when outside further eliminated the need - if you can call it a need. I will never go back to wearing makeup again, money saved, time saved and probably my skin is happier; I wear comfortable clothes, and spend most of the day barefoot or in flipflops.

Being retired takes the invisibility power and increases it by adding a cloak to it - a superpower. You are still invisible but if you have that cloak on, they know you are there but their attitude is "ah sure, god love her". Although I never was a talker, I know I mentioned that before; but now I pretty much say what I want to, when I want to. People either ignore me or look at me sympathetically. But I don't care, I am retired. If I don't feel like making conversation I don't; when I feel like it then I say whatever comes into my head.

If you turn up at a sewing machine service shop, on a Monday morning, with a sewing machine that they just serviced, and after an hour, it is established that there is really nothing wrong with the machine. You can see it in their faces "poor old thing". Then you go home with your machine and none of it really matters.

My manuscript is sitting on the desktop waiting for attention, whenever I feel like it - not to mention this blog. My embroidery machine is, apparently, perfectly fine and I can now generate more t-shirts with funny sayings and images on - for no obvious reason other than it amuses me; the boat sits patiently in the dock waiting for us, the fish are swimming around all over the lake and I can do whatever I please.

I can't wait to get the retirement effect on my travel. Just as soon as COVID-19 is fully under control, and all my grandchildren have been vaccinated - almost time for the under 12s!! I can decide when and for how long, and just go. That is going to be the icing on the cake!

So, I apologize for being such a wuss before, and making such a fuss about retiring. And once again I thank my small team who did give me a wonderful sendoff, even if Amazon leadership looked the other way. Who cares about them anyway? I am retired! And now I have found yet another interest - virtual embroidery classes!

Now, back to my embroidery with fingers crossed that the machine really is in perfect working order.

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